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Kefir Supplier KL: Buy Kefir in Bulk

If you’re here, you must be looking for easier alternatives of stocking your business with good kefir in KL, and we’re happy to be your go-to friendly kefir supplier in KL!

kefir supplier KL

Hopefully by now, Malaysians are appreciating more and more the health benefits plus the delicious taste of kefir.

We’re elated by this!

And would love to spread the kefir love even more by introducing them in more businesses in KL.

Reasons for Outsourcing Kefir Brewing KL

The challenge of stocking kefir, is that it is incredibly time consuming to make.

kefir supplier KL

It requires care, attention, constant feeding, a good environment, the list goes on.

Not to mention the amount of experimentation and trial and error of sustaining and dealing with a product that is ALIVE.

Which is why, it makes more sense to outsource this process to a kefir supplier in KL.

We have a healthy and happy thriving kefir community in our kitchen, and we’ll deal with the hassle live probiotics usually kick up.

Use the time you can save to focus on the things that your company actually excels in. Let us assist you in getting there.

A bit about The Kefir King – Kefir Supplier KL

We’ve been brewing kefir for the past 3 years, meeting customers and businesses’ needs as a kefir supplier in KL.

kefir supplier KL

It’s been a steep learning curve, lots of lost grains and trial and error to sustain kefir grains that are active and healthy.

Now we’re confident to announce our capabilities to supply fresh kefir in bigger bulk.

Here’s a link to our website if you want to know more about us, but won’t bog this article down with those details.

Why buy from The Kefir King?

Quality & Consistency

kefir supplier KL
The Kefir King’s Kefir Products

We’re pretty alright at what we do, we’ve had so much practice as kefir supplier in KL.

But don’t take our word for it.

Before you begin ordering, you’re entitled to some samples 😀

Just get in touch with Sue Anne here, and she’ll be happy to assist with arrangements for your samples.


We try to be competitive with our prices.

There’s a price table according to the number of bottles ordered just below.

If you’d like to purchase in bulk volumes, that is also an option. 1 litre of Milk Kefir costs RM35.

The Kefir King Price List

Low Minimum Order

We have a minimum order of just 10 bottles.

FREE Delivery

Delivery is FREE within the Klang Valley with the purchase of 20 bottles or more.

If your location is not within the Klang Valley, no worries, we’ll work something out. We have usual delivery routes so our delivery prices will be competitive.

Recycling Rebate

We’d like to keep our impact to our environment small, which was why when we first started up, we decided to use glass bottles so that reuse would be possible.

Reusing glass bottles

We reuse all bottles returned to us that are still in good condition.

For extra incentive for bottle returns, for every 12 empty bottles returned, you’ll get a FREE bottle of water kefir in your next order.

Kefir Products Under our Belt: Kefir Supplier KL

We brew kefir and bake all things sourdough.

There are primarily two types of kefir we supply. And we’ll tell you a bit about them below.

Kefir Supplier KL #1: Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir is a traditional fermented drink made by adding kefir grains to cow, goat or sheep’s milk.

Milk Kefir

They are made with the help of milk kefir grains. These grains help to ferment the milk over a period of 24 hours. During the fermentation process, the grains feed on the sugars in the milk. The end result is a milk kefir, a nutritious beverage.

To sum things up, milk kefir is the drink, and milk kefir grains are the starter culture used to make the beverage.

This is the best natural source of probiotics and also contains many additional nutrients that are a by-product of the fermentation process. If you’d like to know more about milk kefir’s countless health benefits, here’s a more detailed article.

Our milk kefir come in 2 flavours; the Original Cow Milk Kefir and the Orange Infused Milk Kefir.

kefir supplier KL
The Kefir King’s Milk Kefir Range

The Original Cow Milk Kefir has a rich and creamy taste, with a slightly sour tang.

The Orange Infused Milk Kefir has a balanced blend of citrus and sweet, adding extra pleasant notes to the overall original taste of kefir.

They have undergone heaps of experimentation and testing countless of times to make sure we perfect the recipe through the years.

Kefir Supplier KL #2: Water Kefir

Like milk kefir, water kefir is a by-product of fermentation of sugar water with the help of water kefir grains.

water kefir kl
Water Kefir

And just like milk kefir grains, water kefir grains aren’t actual grains, but rather a cluster of yeast and bacteria living in a symbiotic relationship.

They possess similar probiotic benefits to milk kefir, and vitamins from the added fruits.

In total, milk kefir still holds the prize for additional nutritional benefits due to the protein and presence of vitamin K2 in milk kefir.

But what water kefir lacks in additional nutrients, it makes up for in taste.

Water kefir is delicious!

If you haven’t come across it yet, it tastes like the perfect fizzy drink.

It’s also perfect for the Malaysian heat. Extremely refreshing and satisfying, it goes well with any occasion.

It really is the best of both worlds, being both healthy and tasty.

We have experimented with many different flavours and are constantly coming up with more, but the top four flavours at the moment are the blueberry, strawberry, mulberry, apple and lemon flavours.

The Kefir King’s Water Kefir Range

If you’re thinking of adding them to your drink selection, make sure to get some samples from us to taste and experiment with! Just get in touch with Sue Anne here.

How to Store Kefir in KL

Alright, now on to the next item of business. How long can they last?

kefir supplier KL
Storing kefir

Kefir when refrigerated, can last a pretty good amount of time, despite them being made of all natural ingredients.

They would be safe to drink for up to a month, but best consumed within 2.5 weeks (expiry dates labelled will indicated 2.5 weeks)

Storing kefir is pretty self-explanatory, you’d need to fridge them properly. If you own a half open chiller, perhaps get some dummy bottles from us to display while you keep the actual bottles in your close-doored chillers.

Keeping the kefir cool is important, because a higher temperature will speed up fermentation and that will alter the original taste of the kefir.

Even if that happens, it will still be safe to drink of course, but it won’t taste as great.

Feel free to ask us questions if you have any in the matter of storing kefir.

How Best to Serve Kefir in KL

Here’s where we shouldn’t interrupt your business vision for these bottled goodness. The possibilities are endless here, you’re limited by your own imagination.

Ideas for serving Milk Kefir:

kefir supplier KL
Milk Kefir Smoothie Bowl

Having similar flavours to yogurt, this nutritious beverage is great taken on its own of course. But to customize, they can be mixed into a fruit bowl of some sort, or combined into our favourite way of kefir consumption, blending them into smoothies.

Ideas for serving Water Kefir:

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

They’re super great on their own. Additionally, they can also be used as mixers to create new creative drink combinations. They pack a punch in both the flavour AND the fizz departments.

You can use our samples for your research and development, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Alternative Kefir Supply Suggestions

If you’re not convinced that you need a kefir supplier in KL and would like to attempt brewing your own kefir, no sweat, we’d love to help too!

kefir supplier KL
Milk Kefir Grains

We’ve made thorough How-to Videos teaching people to brew their very own kefir in KL, feel free to benefit from them here!

Also, we’re happy to come in and train your team to produce their own unique kefir beverages. Just get in touch with us here.

Other Products We Offer

The Kefir King Sourdough Bread

As mentioned earlier, we bake sourdough bread as well. So if you see sourdough loaves to be relevant in your place of business, we would love to meet all your sourdough needs.

If you’d like more information about our sourdough range, the details can be found here.

Thank you for browsing our page, we hope you found it helpful. Even if it’s not relevant at the moment, keep us in mind for your future projects. You never know when you’ll need kefir or sourdough bread supply in KL 😉

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