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Blueberry Water Kefir


*We ONLY ship our kefir within the KLANG VALLEY.

Gut health is something we often take for granted. But it’s the machine that processes everything we ever eat to build a better body. So with the job of maintaining the health of all our organs and systems, the role of the gut is a crucial one.

Kefir is a natural way to heal your gut.

Made with all natural ingredients. Super refreshing and delicious. Is slightly fizzy due to the natural fermentation of live water kefir grains.

The Kefir King’s Blueberry Water Kefir is made with live water kefir grains fermented in organic cane sugar, jaggery, filtered water and blueberries.

Instructions: Keep chilled at all times to prevent pressure build-up. Open slowly and do not shake. Best taken within 2.5 weeks.

Volume: 250ml

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