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ChocoNutty Rustic Sourdough

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Delicious flavours combine in this latest chocolate nutty sourdough combination.

The rich cocoa notes intertwine with grounded delicious sourdough flavour. And the earthy cashew nuts balancing out the sweet tones of raisins soaked in freshly squeezed orange juice. With pockets of chocolate chunks hidden within for those surprises of choco decadence.

This is the marrying of chocolate and sourdough. We’re extremely proud of it! And hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Weight: 420g

Ingredients: High protein unbleached bread flour, spelt flour, cocoa powder, salt, brown sugar, water, honey, sourdough starter, raisins, orange juice, cashew nuts, chocolate chips.

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1 review for ChocoNutty Rustic Sourdough

  1. Wen Jia (verified owner)

    Love the chocolate (the scent wafts out the moment you open the paper bag), and the flavour is so good, even the kid who doesn’t like raisins wolfed her share down without any hesitation.

    • admin

      haha, thanks for making our day Wen Jia! Super happy you and your kids like the loaves ๐Ÿ˜€

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