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CNY Ang Ang Kefir Pack


Get a different type of 6 pack for CNY 😀

Our water kefir is a deliciously refreshing bundle of fizzy probiotic goodness.

Have nutrition plus good gut health in one tasty bottle. It’s the perfect soft drink alterative, especially with CNY’s hot weather.

What’s in the box:

For the 6-Pack:

  • 3 x Blueberry Water Kefir
  • 3 x Mulberry Water Kefir

For the 12-Pack:

  • 6 x Blueberry Water Kefir
  • 6 x Mulberry Water Kefir


We reuse all our bottles!

To minimize the environment impact we make, we reuse every bottle that is returned to us.

And for your kind efforts to help us be more environmentally sustainable, we’ll be giving you a FREE water kefir (RM8) for every 10 empty bottles returned to us 🙂

So please don’t dispose of your bottles after consuming your kefir, we’d love them back for reuse and to give our bottles a longer and more meaningful life 😀

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