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Orange Infused Milk Kefir


Milk kefir is extremely rich in probiotics and nutrients and is excellent for promoting gut health and enhancing the immune system. Also, it contains Calcium and Vitamin K2 which are both powerful components for increasing bone strength and density.

Made with all natural ingredients, The Kefir King’s Orange Infused Milk Kefir is perfect to drink on its own, or blended with fruits to make a smoothie, or paired with granola and oats. One bottle a day for that essential dose of healthy probiotics!

The Kefir King’s Orange Infused Milk Kefir is made with fresh milk fermented with milk kefir grains and flavoured with orange peel. It tastes similar to unsweetened yogurt.

For those with lactose intolerance, Milk Kefir is safe to drink because the kefir grains have already broken down lactose in the milk, into nutrients that can easily be absorbed into the body.

Instructions: Keep chilled at all times to prevent pressure build-up. Open slowly and do not shake. Best taken within 2.5 weeks.

Volume: 250ml

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