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Fresh Sourdough Bread in Malacca

Are you looking for fresh sourdough bread in Malacca?

The Kefir King – Kefir Sourdough Loaf

Look no further! The Kefir King is here!

We’re a sourdough bread and kefir production kitchen in Kuala Lumpur, but because we regularly travel back and forth from Malacca, we thought to offer fresh sourdough bread in Malacca for pick up. So that Malaccans eager to have a freshly baked sourdough loaf can do so.

Sourdough Bread in Malacca
Sourdough Bread in Malacca

Our sourdough bread in Malacca are all handmade and made 100% with natural yeast (sourdough starter) and they undergo a fermentation period of about 24 hours.

Our goal is to make bread, that is healthy and natural, affordable to Malaysians.

Making sourdough bread

If you didn’t know, sourdough is a way of making bread that has existed for thousands of years. With just a combination of 4 ingredients (water, flour, sourdough starter and salt), coupled with time and skill, sourdough bread is created. It is naturally flavoured, with zero additives and preservatives, basically the way bread is supposed to be made! 😀

There are many health benefits to eating sourdough as opposed to eating regular bread and we’ve made an article highlighting the benefits of sourdough bread in Malacca here if you’re interested.

The Kefir King – Rustic ChocoNutty loaf

But other than being a healthy carbohydrate option, sourdough bread also tastes really good. Its rich flavour is a product of the naturally occurring good bacteria in the starter fermenting the dough, making sourdough bread taste really unique and delicious.

The best ways to eat it is with cheese, butter or any kind of spread. Even eating it on its own is delicious, especially on its first day. Our favourite way is to pan toast it with olive oil, adds flavour and crunch!

Sourdough Bread in Malacca

You can keep our fresh sourdough bread for a week (kept airtight) or even a month (freezing).

Here is the link to our whole sourdough and kefir menu.

Details for collection of loaves are as below. Hope you come say hi to us!

Pick up location: Orna Golf and Country Club. Bt. 16, Jalan Gapam, Ladang Gapam, Bemban, Bemban, Malacca, Malaysia, 77200

Pick up days: Saturdays weekly

Pick up timing: 5pm onwards

Pre-order: Before Thursday 8pm

Phone number: +6012-930 6108

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