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Sourdough Supplier KL – Buy Sourdough in Bulk

Sourdough Supplier KL

If you’re here, you must be looking for easier alternatives of stocking your business with good sourdough bread in KL, and we’re happy to be your go-to friendly sourdough supplier in KL!

Hopefully by now, Malaysians are appreciating more and more the benefits plus the rich flavours of naturally leavened sourdough.

We’re elated by this!

And would love to spread the sourdough love even more by introducing them in more businesses in KL.

Reasons for Outsourcing Sourdough Bread Baking KL

Photo by Vaibhav Jadhav from Pexels

The challenge of stocking sourdough, is that it is incredibly time consuming to make.

Not to mention the amount of skill involved in bread baking especially when dealing with live starter.

Which is why, it makes more sense to outsource this process to a sourdough supplier in KL.

We love baking sourdough and we’re happy to take over!

Use the time you can save to focus on the things that your company actually excels in. Let us assist you in getting there.

A bit about The Kefir King

We’ve been baking sourdough for the past 3 years, supplying to customers and businesses in KL.

Sourdough Supplier KL

It’s been a steep learning curve and now we’re confident to announce our capabilities to supply fresh loaves in bigger bulk, to become the go-to sourdough supplier in KL.

Here’s a link to our website if you want to know more about us, but won’t bog this article down with those details.

Why buy from The Kefir King? Finding a sourdough supplier in KL

Quality & Consistency

We’re pretty alright at what we do, we’ve had so much practice.

Sourdough Supplier KL
The Kefir King loaves

But don’t take our word for it.

Before you begin ordering, you’re entitled to some samples 😀

Just get in touch with Sue Anne here, and she’ll be happy to assist with arrangements for your samples.


We try to be competitive with our prices.

There’s a price table according to the number of loaves ordered just below.

Low Minimum Order

We have a minimum order of just 10 loaves.

FREE Delivery

Delivery is FREE within the Klang Valley with the purchase of 15 loaves or more.

If your location is not within the Klang Valley, no worries, we’ll work something out. We have usual delivery routes so our delivery prices will be competitive.

Sourdough Products Under our Belt

We bake all things sourdough and brew kefir (hence our strange, and almost unrelated, name).

Sourdough Supplier KL

They range from Authentic Sourdough Bread to Sourdough Brioche Buns and German Sourdough Pretzels, we’ll leave a link to our full menu here.

But our focus for bulk orders would be the Authentic Rye and Spelt Sourdough Bread. They are the ‘bread and butter’ for the kefir king and clearly our best sellers.  

They have also undergone heaps of experimentation and testing countless times to make sure we perfect the recipe through the years.

Best Seller: Authentic Rye Sourdough Bread.

Sourdough Supplier KL
The Kefir King Rye Loaves

It is bread leavened with sourdough starter instead of commercial yeast.

This use of starter lessens the negative effect of gluten on the body and makes the nutrients easier to digest, which is why sourdough bread is naturally the healthy choice of bread.

The Rye loaf also has a wonderful taste brought about by the fermentation process.

It has a deep flavour, a flavour of the earth, full of character. Also, the Rye loaf is soft and slightly chewier than the spelt.

Best Seller: Authentic Spelt Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Supplier KL
The Kefir King Spelt Loaves

Similar to what was described of the Rye loaf, our Spelt holds its own with its unique flavour. This loaf’s crusty exterior contrasts satisfyingly with its soft, tender centre. This bread is made with a combination of high protein unbleached bread flour and spelt flour, which results in a light, airy loaf with a lovely, subtle taste.

Our Authentic Rye and Spelt Sourdough Bread come in two default shapes.

The Boule

Sourdough Supplier KL
The Kefir King Boule Shaped Loaves

This is a great option if you’re looking to sell these loaves whole to individuals.

They give off a really rustic look and their wonderful aroma will waft through your building.

The Batard

The Kefir King Batard Shaped Loaves

This option is more suitable if you’re looking to serve slices to your customers. Due to its oblong-ish shape, you’ll be able to get more uniformed slices out of a loaf.

The loaves also come in two default weightages. But we can bake weightages from 300g to 800g. Speak with us to curate your desired loaf weight.

Here is the price table according to the order amount:

Sourdough Bread (Rye & Spelt) Bulk Purchase Price Table

Slicing services are provided for RM0.25 per loaf. But we recommend you slice it yourselves just before serving (for better loaf freshness).

If you’d like to explore other sourdough options, we’re pleased to coordinate, but best to get in touch first.

How to Store Sourdough Bread in KL

Sourdough Supplier KL

There are two main ways you can store sourdough bread. The first is at room temperature. Keep your loaf within airtight containers, preferably Ziploc bags. This will enable the loaf to last about 4 days.

The second is to freeze the loaf. Decide whether it’s best to freeze the entire loaf intact (also inside a Ziploc) or slice it first before freezing. This would enable the loaf to last for about a month.

If you need more details on storing to accommodate to your business needs, here is a more thorough article.

Feel free to ask us questions if you have any.

How Best to Serve Sourdough Bread in KL

Here’s where we shouldn’t interrupt your business vision for these yummy loaves. The possibilities are endless here, you’re limited by your own imagination.

We’re happy to provide the base slices, but there are many things you can do with sourdough bread.

Anywhere from yummy sandwiches to sourdough bread bowls of delicious soup. Again, you can use our samples for your research and development, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Alternative Sourdough Supply Suggestions

If you’re not convinced and would like to attempt making your own sourdough bread, no sweat, we’d love to help too!

We’ve made thorough How-to Videos teaching people to bake their very own sourdough bread in KL, feel free to benefit from them here!

Also, we’re happy to come in and train your team to produce their own unique sourdough loaves. Just get in touch with us here.

Other Products We Offer – Sourdough supplier in KL

The Kefir King’s Kefir Range

As mentioned earlier, we brew kefir as well. So if you see healthy probiotic drinks to be relevant in your place of business, we would love to meet all your kefir needs.

If you’d like more information about our kefir range, the details can be found here.

Thank you for browsing our page, we hope you found it helpful.

Even if it’s not relevant at the moment, keep us in mind for your future projects, as a sourdough supplier in KL 😀 You never know when you’ll need sourdough bread or kefir supply in KL 😉

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