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Ways to Consume Kefir – Healthy Probiotic Drink Ideas

If this is your first kefir rodeo, here’s some tips on best ways to consume kefir!

ways to consume kefir the kefir king
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Alright, first off, we’ll need to determine what kind of kefir you’re drinking. There are two main types. Water kefir and milk kefir.

Ways to consume Water Kefir

Water kefir is made with fermenting sugar and water with water kefir grains. It’s typically a clear liquid and yellow brownish in colour, without secondary fermentation.

Water kefir has traces of sugar in it. The amount of which depends on how long the fermentation lasts.

So this is a slightly sweet and fizzy drink, that tastes very much like fizzy soft drinks without the copious amounts of sugar but with the probiotic benefits.

Ways to consume Water Kefir #1: On its own

ways to consume kefir the kefir king

I would say that water kefir is already delicious on its own, and it doesn’t really need to be added with anything. It’s the perfect substitute of soda to both kids and adults alike. Zero guilt but equal the amount of fizzy pleasure 😉

Ways to consume Water Kefir #2: Secondary fermentation

ways to consume kefir the kefir king
The Kefir King’s secondary fermentation flavours

If you’re making water kefir yourself, it would be great to perform a secondary fermentation with fruits to add flavour and nutrients to the base water kefir, making it even tastier.

Ways to consume Water Kefir #3: Mixer

water kefir as a mixer
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Water kefir can be effectively used as a mixer to other drinks, added to concentrates and cordials and even alcohol! It adds a very pleasant natural sweetness and fizz.

Ways to consume Milk Kefir

Milk kefir on the other hand, is a totally different beast. Milk kefir is created by adding milk to milk kefir grains. The awesome thing about these grains are that they can be trained to be super versatile!

They can even ferment non-dairy milk like almond or coconut milk to infuse the final product with strains of beneficial bacteria!

So you can get so many different flavours of milk kefir from the different types of milk. Plus, if you run a secondary fermentation, you can flavour milk kefir further.

We have this really delicious Orange Milk Kefir that we love. You can get one to try it out yourself. It’s a helpful introduction to Milk Kefir for those trying it for the first time.

Other than adding flavour through the fermentation process, here are some ways to consume kefir.

Ways to consume Milk Kefir #1: On its own

milk kefir the kefir king

Just eating or drinking kefir as is, can be quite bland or sour, especially to kefir newbies.

But once you develop a palate for it, it can be a really convenient breakfast or snack option. Just grab a bottle and go.

If you can do this, you’ve positioned yourself well to best receive milk kefir’s powerful collection of probiotics.

Ways to consume Milk Kefir #2: With fruits and granola/oats.

milk kefir fruit bowl

If you’re not yet accustomed to the tangy taste of kefir, perhaps what will ease your consumption, yet be very easy to prepare, are just slices of fruit to accompany your milk kefir.

Having the sweetness of fruits balance the sour from the kefir can transform into quite the pleasant snack or breakfast. Heck, add in granola or oats for that extra crunch.

Our favourites, since we’re in Malaysia are the local fruits like mangos, papayas and bananas. Other than that, any type of berries or grapes will work too! Oh, and apples and oranges!

Ways to consume Milk Kefir #3: Make a smoothie.

milk kefir smoothie bowl
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If you’re a smoothie lover, like I am, kefir is THE perfect substitute for yogurt or even milk to add to your smoothie recipe. We’ve tried many smoothie recipes with kefir and somehow, they’ve all worked like a charm.

Our favourite is the dragon fruit smoothie, the brilliant pink hue being so visually appealing doesn’t hurt. Other than that, I love having mango, papaya, avocado and banana smoothies with kefir too.

This is an excellent and painless way to introduce milk kefir into your diet.

Who said that taking care of your gut health couldn’t be delicious. 😛

Here are three simple and convenient smoothie recipes we really love.

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