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What is Kefir?

Kefir is a traditional fermented drink made by adding kefir grains to milk, resulting in a thick, tangy and nutritious beverage known as milk kefir.

Water Kefir is also a fermented drink, but made by adding water and natural sugars to water kefir grains, producing a delicious and fizzy probiotic drink.

What's so great about Kefir?

The reason why Kefir is gaining popularity is due to the numerous health benefits it brings.

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Top 9 health benefits of Kefir

1. Super rich in PROBIOTICS

Compared to yoghurt and other dairy fermented products, kefir is a much more potent source, containing up to 61 strains of beneficial yeast and bacteria

2. Improves gut health

Kefir, rich in probiotics can help to restore the microbiome balance of the gut. This will enable better digestion, and a stronger immune system.

It’s also a natural cure to constipation!

3. Improves BRAIN function

A healthy gut microbiome also affects the central nervous system, which is responsible for brain functions.

A good gut is linked to having a good brain! Say goodbye to brain fog.

4. Alternative for lactose Intolerants

Our kefir undergoes a special fermentation process which helps to remove most of the lactose from the milk.

5. Nutrients

Kefir is an abundant source of vital nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

Not only that, the fermentation process also makes the nutrients much more bioavailable to the body.

6. Prevents Osteoporosis

Due to its richness in calcium and Vitamin K2, kefir is an excellent source for bone health and leads to improved bone mass density.

7. Cancer Prevention

Scientists are proposing that kefir can help to inhibit cancer cell growth.

Studies claim that kefir can suppress tumors by activating the immune system and by delaying enzymatic reactions that convert potential carcinogens to actual carcinogens.

8. Immune System

Kefir contains many strains of beneficial yeast and bacteria that are linked to immune boosting properties.

9. Weight Loss

Kefir has the advantage of being a satiating food, which leaves you less hungry that usual.

Treat yourself to some Kefir GOODNESS today!